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The Rusty Spoon

The Rusty Spoon

English pubs or Public houses were drinking establishments with little emphasis on serving food. Pubs meals were usually basic cold dishes such as a ploughman's lunch or brisket stews.

"Pub grub" expanded to include British food items such as steak and ale pie, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, bangers and mash, Sunday roast, and handheld sandwiches soon were replaced with food crisp clean in flavor, comfort, and focused on main stream gastronomy!

The term "gastro pub" was coined in 1991, the concept of a restaurant in a pub reinvigorated both pub culture and British dining, though it has occasionally attracted criticism for potentially removing the character of traditional pub or ale house.

The Rusty Spoon celebrates the Great Food and Pub Atmosphere; American Cuisine rooted in European Flavors. The great food is sourced from our Florida farmers. The herdsman feed the animals all natural diets; free from hormones, free from antibiotics and any unnatural supplements. The produce is seeded, and cultivated to sustain the farm and the local community. Our farmers cultivate products you love, food stuffs that our in-season and don't travel by trains, planes, or 18-wheelers. Our food is simply delicious; it starts local and stays local! Locavores welcome! Check out our website, Face book, and farm tours.

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