Jan 25 - 26 2020
FLEXIBILITY Certification Course

FLEXIBILITY Certification Course

Presented by Orlando International School of Dance at Orlando International School of Dance

January 25th & 26th
Module 1 & 2

Join an International Instructor Certification Course that Covers:
✅ How to safely become more flexible
✅ Using flexibility to prevent injuries
✅ Correct stretching techniques & spotting
✅ Building a proper flexibility foundation
✅ Improving students who have stopped progressing

Who We Are:

Creator: Alixa Flexibility Method
Alixa is a former rhythmic gymnastics trainer and a contortion trainer for circus, as well as a former performer and circus artist. She developed her techniques for teaching flexibility after seeing so many athletes have to quit from injuries due to improper stretching or lack of stretching. Alixa created her program with a unique blend of non invasive stretching
techniques from studies of circus techniques from various countries, sports physical therapists, Pilates, sports doctors, Kinesiology studies, and working with thousands of students from different sports.
Alixa has worked for Cirque du Soleil as a choreographer, trainer and creator. Now she lives in Ukraine and travels all over the world giving courses and lectures.
for more information: http://alixaflexibility.com/

Admission Info
Dates & Times

2020/01/25 - 2020/01/26

Additional time info:

The Alixa Flexibility program works with all levels of abilities & ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with the focus on injury prevention and safety.We run courses all over the world on how to properly teach flexibility, injury prevention, and safe techniques to stretch & improve.Alixa’s 20 years of experience teaching flexibility & contortion (including at Cirque du Soleil) make our program completely unique.

Location Info

Orlando International School of Dance

12100 E. Colonial Drive Suite C, Orlando, FL 32826