Downtown Arts Collective

Downtown Arts Collective

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 (407) 454 7926

 643 Lexington Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Joining the Orlando art scene this Summer is a brand new photography and contemporary art studio: Downtown Arts Collective.  Downtown Arts Collective opens its doors on July 19th, boasting monthly exhibitions, a world-class facility and a community-focused mission to become the most accessible studio in Orlando.
Resources at the studio include a 40 foot Cyclorama wall, Daylight Studio with various wall sets, Darkroom, Audio Recording Booth, Editing Station and even a Bar and Lounge-area for artists to relax, unwind and share inspiration.  Downtown Arts Collective will also host various workshops for artists to teach skills such as digital photography, studio lighting and much more.

Every third Thursday of the month, Downtown Arts Collective will host a new exhibit featuring talented artists and photographers from Orlando and abroad. An International Photography Exhibition opens July 19th, showcasing work by photographers from around the world.

Downtown Arts Collective is joining the art scene in Orlando with a bold and much-needed objective: to become the most accessible studio in the city.  They design and price their studio and services to be affordable for artists at every income level.

If you’d like to visit Downtown Arts Collective, the studio hosts an open studio event every third Thursday at 643 Lexington Ave. or call to book an appointment today at 407-454-7926

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