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Quattro Cavalli of Veranda Park

Veranda Park’s Quattro Cavalli (Italian for “four horses”) statue fountain, are a replica of the world-famous Four Horses of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. 

One of the great treasures of Venice Italy, the Quattro Cavalli have a storied history. It is thought that the Roman Emperor Nero displayed the horses on his Domus Aurea, however after the fall of Nero and his Golden Palace, the accounts of the horses are non-existent. They resurfaced again in 320 A.D in  Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) on the gates of the Hippodrome, where they stayed until the fourth crusade (1204). They were installed over the doors of the Basicilica San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica) in Venice  for 500 years until they were taken by Napoleon as war booty in 1797. Napoleon shipped them to France and installed them atop the Arc du Carrousel in the Tuileries Gardens. Following the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the horses were sent back to Venice, where they were reinstalled atop St. Mark’s. For preservation purposes the horses were moved inside the Basilica, replicas now hold their position on the loggia.

Veranda Park’s Quattro Cavalli was created by the Valese Artistic Foundry, the only bronze sculptors authorized by the Italian Government to cast the ancient horses.The Quattro Cavalli of Veranda Park, are the only replicas of the ancient horses in the United States.

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