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The Community Pride in Hannibal Square Mosaic

In 1887, the citizens of Hannibal Sqaure, led by Gus Henderson crossed the railroad tracks to cast their votes at Ergood’s Store on Park Avenue. This historic vote elected two African-Americans: Frank Israel and Walter Simpson, the first ever elected to the town council of Winter Park. The landmarks of the neighborhood them, and for decades to come, included the Mt. Moriah Missonary Baptist Church, the train line, and local homes and businesses. The scenes depicted were designed by school children after hearing Hannibal Square Historian Fairolyn Livingston describe the events of that vote. Students, artists, and volunteers worked for six months to create this tribute to the history and heritage of West Winter Park.

Along with core artists Marie Carrasquillo, Daryl Golden, Willy Lopez, Virginia Maxfield; the moasic was created by over 500 participants and community volunteers including students from: Killarney Elementary School, Dommerich Elementary School, Brookshire Elementary School, Lakemont Elementary School, Crealde School of Art students, faculty and staff; Crealde’s After School Art Class and Seniors First Art Class at the Winter Park Community Center.

Date created: 2007

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